Not ready for counseling but looking for self-help tools to improve your overall wellness? Great! We've created resources with you in mind. Our resources are designed to help you lower stress and provide you the tools necessary to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Welcome to the resource center!

Welcome to our resource center!


This guide will help you begin the process of understanding how to release stored stress, anxiety and trauma from your body in order to begin to regulate your nervous system and stress hormones.  

Somatic exercises are slow, intentional movements that aid in connecting the mind and body.

The Power of Somatic Movement

This ebook will take you on a journey of implementing a daily mindfulness routine. The goal is to increase your awareness and ability to be present in the moment, while also decreasing stress and anxiety in your life.

This challenge was designed for busy people who experience daily stress and/or anxiety in their lives that prevents them from being able to be present. 

In this challenge you will find 12 daily activities that will prompt you to be present with your thoughts, emotions and/or bodily sensations. Each daily exercise can be completed in 15 minutes or less. 


Did you know that your adrenal glands play an important part in your body’s stress response?

Your adrenal glands are responsible for the production of hormones—particularly stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Elevated cortisol levels, a common outcome of chronic stress, can significantly contribute to heightened feelings of anxiety, and even pave the way for the development of anxiety disorders.

It is vital to learn how to nurture your adrenal health. Check out these 3 FREE Simple Recipes to nourish your Adrenal Glands, reduce stress, beat burnout and improve sleep & energy.

Adrenal Nourishing Recipes

The practice of mindfulness challenges you to acknowlege your thoughts, emotions and sensations in the present moment without judgement. This FREE resource is available to you immediately by clicking the download button below and will prompt you to notice what is happening within your body in this moment. You are encouraged to make this a daily practice.

Mindfulness Journal Prompt

The practice of mindfulness can be translated into many areas of our life, including the way we eat. This Mindful Eating Prompt will teach you about mindLESS vs mindFUL eating habits. You will be prompted to utilize the 5 S's of mindful eating and be given a mindful eating exercise. This resource will also help you explore ways to stop zoning out and shift into the present moment. 

Mindful Eating

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 Ready to take the next step? We are here to support you on your journey to wellness. We offer faith based counseling services to adults, teens and couples who are ready to
create lasting change.


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Our Christ-centered workshops and yoga classes are designed to help you, mind, body and spirit, on your journey of healing and restoration. Our workshops and classes are open to the community. 

Workshops & Yoga

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Are you craving time away to re-center yourself, reconnect with God and relax? We offer both 1 and 3 day Christian Wellness Retreat experiences designed to help you be intentional about growing physically, spiritually, and emotionally all while creating a beautiful community.