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This introduction to Anxiety & Yoga will provide psychoeducation on anxiety, the effects of stress on the body, and the role of the autonomic nervous system. It will address basic concepts and practice such as breath-centered exercises, meditation, and gentle yoga postures.

This yoga workshop typically runs in the Fall.

Yoga for Anxiety

Integrating Mind & Body workshop

This workshop introduces restorative yoga and praying in color for emotional wellbeing and mental health. This workshop will include restorative yoga centering and connecting your breath, mind, body and spirit to allow for stillness with God through praying in color. Art supplies provided.

This workshop is not currently running.

Praying in Color Restorative Yoga

Integrating Mind & Body workshop

This introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation will provide psychoeducation on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for stress & anxiety. We will explore the role of mindfulness and meditation in mental health, and will practice both mindfulness and meditation exercises. 

This workshop typically runs twice per year. There are no current dates scheduled.

Mindfulness Based Meditation for Anxiety

Integrating Mind & Body workshop

  • TSY 8 session program will meet once per week, unless otherwise noted.
  • Each class offers survivors of trauma a safe space to gain greater awareness regarding strength, stability, assertiveness and mindfulness.
  • Classes will have different themes, focusing on orienting, grounding, body awareness, building strength, exploring positive affirmations, and will be couples with guided activities including de-briefing exercises, journaling and art.
  • Classes will allow survivors to re-connect with themselves and build community with peers. 
  • Classes will build upon each week, so it would be beneficial to attend all 8 weeks of the program. 
  • Attending all sessions also aids in creating and maintaining a safe container for participants.

Program Structure:

Trauma expert, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk says that "Trauma is an experience that overwhelms your capacity to cope." After any type of trauma, big or small, the brain and body change. Traumatic experiences get embedded within the physical body and brain. Trauma can cause what feels like a loss of control or disconnect from mind / body / spirit. 

Join Brittany Edie for an 8 week series of trauma informed yoga classes based upon trauma theory, psychology and yoga philosophy that encourage self-healing and empowerment allowing you to regain choice and control over your body, emotions and thoughts. Trauma Informed Yoga focuses on self-acceptance providing tangible benefits that will become noticeable throughout practice.

This program will provide trauma survivors the opportunity to become reacquainted with their bodies, help them become grounded and connected into the present moment, and allow them to explore the benefits of mindfulness as they connect breath to movement in guided practice and meditation.

Classes will focus on psycho-education, creating a safe inner resource, connection, breath & movement, and the opportunity to be creative. What we do on our yoga mats begins to play out in our lives--if we learn to breathe on our yoga mats through difficult poses, the easier it is to breathe through challenging situations in day-to-day life.    
There are no current dates scheduled.

8-Week Series: Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Healing Trauma, Stress & Anxiety

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