7 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

April 14, 2022

Hi, I’m Brittany
I'm a Christian Counselor, Couples Therapist & Christ-Centered Yoga Teacher. 


You’ve noticed a problem. Something in your marriage isn’t working, but you don’t know how to fix it. Or perhaps your marriage is good and you’re looking to make it better. Either way, welcome. No matter where you’re at in your marriage journey, there is HOPE and you have the power to make your marriage better.

What are the qualities of a good marriage?

A good marriage can be summed up by two people who are completely committed to the marriage AND are willing to put in the work, time and effort to make changes. A couple who has a “good” marriage often has developed effective communication and conflict resolution skills. They have learned to become flexible and work towards a common goal or vision for their marriage, and they make their marriage, with God, a priority.

What happens when you don’t invest in your marriage?

If you don’t invest in your marriage you could end up investing in a divorce down the road. When you get married, most people don’t hope to end up divorced one day. A neglected marriage can lead to emotional separation, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence.

So how do you invest in your marriage???

  1. PRAY together. When two people humble themselves before the Lord, ask for forgiveness, listen to one another and genuinely pray for each other, God will work in their lives and marriage.
  2. Take 15 minutes a day, DISTRACTION FREE, to check in with each other. How often do you talk or listen to your spouse with your nose in your phone? Are we really hearing each other? Take time to put aside distraction. It communicates that “You are important to me” and “I value you.”
  3. Have a weekly date night (even if it’s at home after the kids go to bed…no one said dates had to cost a lot of money, so get creative). Often couples forget how to have fun together. They say laughter is the best medicine, right? Create opportunities for connection, joy, laughter and positive memories together.
  4. Once per year go away just the two of you for an overnight trip (or longer if you can afford it) to reconnect. The demands of life can be exhausting, we all need a time to get away, clear our minds, and remind us of our vision.
  5. Go to a marriage enrichment class or conference together. There are many local and national classes/conferences where you can learn new or relearn skills to put you back on the path of success together.
  6. Express appreciation. Be kind to one another. Catch each other doing something good and then tell your spouse! The best part is, its free and goes a long way!
  7. Go to marriage counseling together. There is NOTHING WRONG with seeking marriage counseling. In fact, I often encourage people to seek marriage counseling BEFORE there’s a problem so that you have the tools to use when and if something comes up. Marriage counseling is a great place to develop & practice skills to help you have a successful marriage.

Ask yourself today, “What’s one thing that I can do today to invest in my marriage regardless of what my spouse does.” Then go do it! Be intentional and consistent with positive changes you make.

If you’re wanting to learn more about how to invest in your marriage today, reach out to Graceful Balance to book a free discovery call!

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