Navigating Stress with Intention: A Mom’s Journey to Wellness

December 8, 2023

Hi, I’m Brittany
I'm a Christian Counselor, Couples Therapist & Christ-Centered Yoga Teacher. 


In the daily juggle as a wife, mom of four, a business owner, and someone recovering from chronic stress, I often get asked the question, “How do you do it all?” The truth is, there was a time when I didn’t handle it all very well. I felt like I was trying to keep it together on the outside while wrestling with the pressures within.

But over time, I discovered that the key wasn’t in doing it all but making intentional choices and embracing a growth mindset. Today, I want to share a glimpse into my daily rituals — the practices that have transformed my approach to stress and brought a sense of calm and purpose to my life.

Early Mornings with Purpose:

Each day starts with a practice that has become my anchor — a few precious quiet moments before the world wakes up. Boiling water and adding a dash of honey and apple cider vinegar, I settle down for quality time with the Lord through scripture and prayer. This quiet time is no longer negotiable; the cornerstone sets the tone for my day. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but when I miss it, something feels off. Starting my day this way creates a serene foundation, making me better equipped to face the inevitable stressors that come my way.

Breath Breaks for Peace:

Chronic stress often manifests in ways we don’t immediately recognize. Holding our breath is one such silent response. I’ve incorporated scheduled “breath breaks” or “quiet time” into my day to invite the parasympathetic nervous system to activate consciously. These moments of intentional breathing act as small sanctuaries of calm, be it mid-day during lunch, as the workday concludes, or before bedtime routines.

Rediscovering Self-Care:

As a mom, wife, and business owner, I once neglected myself, pouring from an empty cup. It took a mindset shift to remember who I am and what brings me joy. Now, I make it a point to do at least one thing for myself daily. Whether exercising, reading, or immersing myself in nature, this self-care routine is a testament to honoring the person God created me to be.

What I share here might not be a universal remedy, but it’s my journey from chronic stress to a more serene existence. The lessons learned along the way have become pillars of strength and resilience. As we all navigate life’s stressors, I’m curious — what are your daily practices that bring you peace? Let’s share our wisdom and inspire each other on this wellness journey.

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